Sunday, April 4, 2010

Display Considerations

How to hang artwork attractively. Making hanging artwork easy isn't so easy since there are no "carved-in-rock" rules to follow so you will need to take into consideration your own taste while also thinking of the following items.

The "right" height: This measurement should always be according to your own physical measurements. After all you are hanging this work in your home for your viewing. "Eye-level" is your eye-level. Large paintings look best centred hoizontally at eye-level. Double hung paintings naturally split the difference at a midpoint between each.

Don't over do it: Only hang what will comfortably fit. No one says you can't swap a painting later if you miss that blue one that you have in the closet.

Pretend you are shopping: Lay out the pieces at the base of the wall and pretend you are shopping for the right selection. Take one out, bring one in... look... repeat.... until you are happy with the selection.

Spacing: Next move the paintings around and experiment with the spacing between them.

Don't rush: Don't be in a hurry to put up your paintings. Leave them at the base of the wall for a few days until you have stopped swapping them and shifting them.

Find your hammer: Now its time to grab your hammer and hooks. Remember to buy the right hooks to take the full weight of the work you are hanging.

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