Saturday, February 20, 2010

4 Paintings find new homes

This past month I have said a fond farwell to 4 paintings. "Cranberry Harvest", from my spontaneous liquid acrylic series, has traveled all the way to the UK for its new home. "Tangerine Sunrise", one of my abstracts, will be arriving very soon in Alberta. The last 2, "Melody II" and "Organic Letter", which are geletine monoprints, will be hanging shortly in Washington State. I will miss each of them but am so thrilled that they have found fine homes with new collectors.

"Cranberry Harvest"

"Tangerine Sunrise"

"Melody II"

"Organic Letter"


  1. Hi Catherine: Love the freedom and colorfulness of your abstracts. I can learn something from you. My abstract ability has not been totally freed yet.

    Have a creative weekend!

  2. Sandi, Oh I think your abstracts are just great. Don't compare yourself to others. Just keep doing your own style. It makes your work unique.

  3. Love your ferns. I just pressed one over the weekend to frame!

  4. I love beautiful. I have a photo collage that is similar and looking at your blog, I believe I am going to put more art up on mine. Thank you for the inspiration!


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