Friday, June 25, 2010

Coffee Anyone?

Just completed this coffee cup painting for the fall exhibition & sale in Carp. I'm hoping to get one of our local potters to make a couple cups to match so that we can team up on an interesting group sale. I'll set them up in my painting booth on a cafe table with a tablecloth to match the painting. It should make a fun art display.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

No Paint Brush

This mixed media painting was done today with NO paint brush at all. Well, except to adhere each collage element to the canvas. The balance of the entire painting was created by pulling transparent fluid acrylics with an old credit card. The first layer was put down with newspaper wrapping around the gallery depth canvas. The next layer was collage papers and a page from a music book followed by the paint then the final layer being an image transfer of a dragon fly, hence the name of the painting: "Dragon".

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Collaboartive Journal Project

This month I began a Collaborative Journal Project with Chéryl Poulin. We bought 2 watercolour paper books and so far we have painted the cover and the first 2 pages. This Sunday we'll be meeting over coffee in a cafe where we'll exchange journals with each other. Then over the next couple weeks we'll paint up the next 2 pages in the other artist's journal. This will continue until we have finished our journals and are in possession of 2 fabulously beautiful books. I can't say how excited I am about this project and what it holds down the road.

To keep an eye on our progress you can follow us on 2 sites:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Display Considerations

How to hang artwork attractively. Making hanging artwork easy isn't so easy since there are no "carved-in-rock" rules to follow so you will need to take into consideration your own taste while also thinking of the following items.

The "right" height: This measurement should always be according to your own physical measurements. After all you are hanging this work in your home for your viewing. "Eye-level" is your eye-level. Large paintings look best centred hoizontally at eye-level. Double hung paintings naturally split the difference at a midpoint between each.

Don't over do it: Only hang what will comfortably fit. No one says you can't swap a painting later if you miss that blue one that you have in the closet.

Pretend you are shopping: Lay out the pieces at the base of the wall and pretend you are shopping for the right selection. Take one out, bring one in... look... repeat.... until you are happy with the selection.

Spacing: Next move the paintings around and experiment with the spacing between them.

Don't rush: Don't be in a hurry to put up your paintings. Leave them at the base of the wall for a few days until you have stopped swapping them and shifting them.

Find your hammer: Now its time to grab your hammer and hooks. Remember to buy the right hooks to take the full weight of the work you are hanging.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One more in a series

Here is the third small painting in the series of three (so far) that include "Spring will Return" and "Level Three". This third one is "Insert X" named for obvious reasons.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

4 Paintings find new homes

This past month I have said a fond farwell to 4 paintings. "Cranberry Harvest", from my spontaneous liquid acrylic series, has traveled all the way to the UK for its new home. "Tangerine Sunrise", one of my abstracts, will be arriving very soon in Alberta. The last 2, "Melody II" and "Organic Letter", which are geletine monoprints, will be hanging shortly in Washington State. I will miss each of them but am so thrilled that they have found fine homes with new collectors.

"Cranberry Harvest"

"Tangerine Sunrise"

"Melody II"

"Organic Letter"

Monday, February 1, 2010

Gel monoprint

Bringing nature to your work means using nature IN your work when you are gel printing. In my gel monoprints I begin by "gathering" not just my thoughts but element from nature that I will use that day in my work. These elemenst can be used to resist the ink or apply the ink. All the time considering each layer and how it will embellish the layer before.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I don't do Landscapes!

Have I mentioned that "I don't do landscapes". Well, so far that is still true but this past winter I tried my hand at a Seascape. Still worked in an abstract mixed media method but with the look and feel of the sea. As usual, I started this piece with an undirected texture built with light modeling paste and tissue and with no particularly plan for the next step. I prefer to allow my paintings to grow organically as they develope.