Monday, August 3, 2009

For Sale but you'll have to wait.

Naturally this new painting, "Perfect Pair", is also for sale but it is destined this week to be hung in a Dental office. You may still purchase it but you'll have to wait for delivery. The curator of the dental office's art displays changes the work every 6 months to co-ordinate with patient 6 month appointment rotations.

I was sceptical about hanging work in offices. Lets face it they are offices not galleries. But only a month ago I sold one painting because of its display in a medical office. AND that sale lead to this person collecting 5 more of my paintings. WOW! I was so happy that I had agreed to display that painting and brighten up that office.

Cooperation between artists and medical/dental offices is very popular these days. It beautifies the offices AND gives artists the opportunities for many many people to see their work. Its a perfect match.

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