Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do Artists take Vacations?

What do artists do for vacation? Do they take a break? For me vacation time is the time I get to dedicate myself to my art. With a regular day job I don't get enough time to spend on my art so when I am on holiday, I bury myself in my art. I either, see art, do art or buy art.

This summer I got to do all three:
See: I did the Limberlost Studio Tour to see new artists in their studios.
Do: I took over the family cottage boat house and made it my studio for gelatine printing and felted vessels (seel below).
Buy: Yes I even bought a pice of art while on the studio tour. Its a lovely fused glass trinket tray. It was the colours that grabbed me. I may have to redecorate my guest room to match it.

If you fall in love with one of my new Felt Vessels, tell me which one & I will list it just for you in my Etsy store.


  1. In other words ~~ we never take a vacation :)
    Our minds are always churning with ideas ~~
    xo Laura


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