Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sellers help Sellers

Sellers in the Etsy Community seem to love helping each other. I recently purchased some interesting glass pendants that open. I envisioned small works of art in these pendants. So I ordered 5, along with the ball chains to match. The seller who sold me the glass pendants asked if a link back to my Art Pendants could be added to TheGemSaloon site. I was thrilled to have this link added.

Each of the Art Pendants are original one of a kind and unique on both sides. Because the glass pendants are glass on 2 sides a person wearing my Art Pendants get 2 looks for the price of one. Look for them in my Esty Shop.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Erin Getting Married

Thanks to the Blog "Erin Getting Married" you can read about Erin's ideas on suitable Wedding gifts and how paintings can be a great idea for a new couple getting married.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fine Art papers

Today I visited a Book Arts show. I was encouraged to come to the show by a friend who is a paper maker, book binder and paper jewelery artist. I was excited to see some of the finest book artists in the area and to get myself a new "goodie bag" of lovely fine papers, many of them hand made. I use these papers in some of my collage works. They add wonderful colour, texture and pattern to my paintings. I also include some found papers, such as the gold coloured tea bag wrapping in this painting below.

Another Quilted Oak in this series is available in my Etsy shop BUT if you like this one better, just let me know & I can post a reserved listing for you.

Friday, June 5, 2009

HELP title needed

One of the hardest things for an artist to do after a painting is finished is to give it a name. For this one I am completely stumped on what I should call it. So I am calling on all my followers and friends to help me name this piece. What would YOU call it. If you need help with what I have called my other paintings go to my Etsy shop or my website. If I select one of your titles I will send you a Free ACEO off my Esty site just make sure, in your comment, that I can contact you somehow.