Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ready to ship SOON

This colourful painting is brand New in my Etsy shop just moments ago, in fact the paint is still drying so shipping can't happen for a week or so but I will be happy sell & ship when the paint is dry.

It is number one of a series of 5 Botany paintings, the others are drying too but can't be photographed for another couple of hours until the medium goes clear.


  1. That is so cool!! I'm am having the urge to try my hand at altered art, but not quite sure where to start. To used to painting "inside the box" so to speak. Love your shop!

  2. Poke holes in the corners of the box & peek out. I've started an altered book. Its an old computer manual. Its open all the time on my studio table and I poke my brushes at it every once in a while. It helps me to never waste any paint. And its a great place to try out those "I wonder if..." experiements.


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