Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Available on Etsy now!

I am taking new directions with my art in 2009 and expanding my work's availability by offering it for sale on the Etsy website. Etsy offers me an expanded network of possible purchasers. People whom I would not meet under normal circumstances. Taking my work to galleries and exhibitions is great but unless a customer is local to the location of the exhibition or gallery they will never see my work.

I plan to show you samples of my paintings here as well as on Etsy. If you see a painting in my blog that I have not yet listed on Etsy, just contact me, tell me the title of the painting and I will list it as soon as possible to allow you a safe an easy way to purchase. Internet safety is extremely important to all web purchasers and Etsy offers you a safe purchasing environment.

Also you might like to visit my web site too and see even more work that can quickly be listed on Etsy for you to purchase. Just REMEMBER to let me know your email address so that I can send you the direct link to the painting you have selected so that you are only one click away from your artwork.

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